Sermons on serving


Romans 12:1-13 In this sermon, Pastor Mark teaches us that the only response to receiving grace as a believer, is absolute surrender to God and His Church.  We learn from the text, that the life of self-sacrifice consists of the Grace of Humility, the Grace of Spiritual Ability, and the Grace of Christian Charity (Love). …


Galatians 2:1-10 What motivates or drives your life?  As we continue our series entitled, “Growing in Grace:  A study of Galatians”, we enter into chapter 2, and see Paul’s faithful stewardship in his ministry to the Lord.  Pastor Mark gives 3 Principles of Faithful Stewardship from the text:  We must embrace ordained accountability, engage with…

One Life to Live

Pondering the present from an eternal perspective. Philippians 1:19-30–What is the purpose of your life? Is it the pursuit of happiness? Personal fulfillment? Wealth? Significance? Or something else? In this passage, Paul encourages others to follow him in investing their lives for the things that are eternal.