Sermons on Easter


Luke 19:28-44 In this Palm Sunday message, Pastor Mark explains the two realities at play in Jesus’ triumphal entry:  an exceedingly joyful crowd, and an exceedingly sad King.  We see from the text what breaks the heart of God, that is God’s Love for the spiritually wayward.  In this sermon, we are challenged further to…

Why Are You Weeping?

John 20:11-16–“Whom are you seeking?” asked by Jesus of Mary Magdalene as she lingered at the empty tomb. A profound question: what moves us? Over what loss are we grieving? Who do we miss? What are we looking for? Mary was weeping for good reason: she missed Jesus. Our hearts should long for Him.

Who Will Roll Away the Stone?

Mark 15:44-16:3–What we think is true, based on our limited human experience and earthly perspective, is usually contradicted by the realities of the spiritual realm. The situation at the tomb on the first Easter is only one of many examples of this is Scripture. What do we need to do in light of the spiritual…