Guest Speakers


Guest Speaker:  Pastor David Carlson Matthew 6:7-13 Pastor David Carlson walks us through the Lord’s Prayer.  We see from the text some observations about Prayer:  Prayer is personal, prayer is to the point, prayer is shared, prayer is progressive, prayer covers many topics, and prayer is a daily activity.


*We apologize for the sound quality at times throughout this recording. Guest Speaker:  Steve Gartner Luke 19:28-44 In this Palm Sunday sermon, Steve Gartner gives an overview of the nature of the problem we and all creation face, as well as the solution in Christ Jesus and His death on the cross.  We see that…

Love One Another

Romans 15:1-7 Scott Sterner, Church Multiplication Catalyst for the Forest Lakes District brings an inspiring and practical message. The question is asked and answered: How do we love those who are different than us or who have opposing viewpoints? Why is this important?