Faith Expressed through Obedience

“Then Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the donkey; I and the boy will go over there and worship and come again to you.” Genesis 22:5

I stepped into chapel feeling spiritually and emotionally sunken.  The student worship band had already began their first set as I shuffled around lethargically for a seat away from the crowd.  It was the last day of the semester and all that I can think of was the outstanding balance that was due, which was a little over $3000.  The finance office had made it quite clear that without full payment I could not return to Bible college.  I had nothing even close to what I owed.

I was confused.

Did not God make it abundantly clear that He wanted me here?  Why is He allowing me to go through this kind of shame and disappointment.  Why hasn’t God answered my prayer?  My faith was rattled to the point that I could not bring myself to join in praise and worship.  I felt emotionally numb and spiritually callous.  You ever get that way in your walk with God?

“And Abraham’s Faith did not weaken…”
I imagine Abraham experienced these emotions to a much greater degree.  His story is our story.  It is a story full of starts and stops, high victories and low failures.  Such is the walk of faith.  And yet when he is face to face with the epic test of sacrificing his beloved son, Isaac, the very child of the promise, we find a kind of strength of faith rarely seen.  And it is that great revelation in Hebrews 11:19 that offers important insight into the secret of Abraham’s magnanimous obedience:  Abraham simply believed that God’s Word and Promise can be trusted…..NO MATTER WHAT.

Is that what you believe?

God’s Faithfulness
As I stood in chapel that day the grace of God eventually enlarged my soul to allow me to genuinely praise and worship the One who is ever worthy and faithful and true.  When the chapel service ended I began to make my way towards the exit when a couple I barely knew stopped me.  “Hey Mark.  How’s it going?”,  I shared with them some of my disappointment.  They encouraged my soul in the Lord.  And then they said…

“We’re very grateful today because we just sold our home back in Iowa.  And the Lord has put it on our hearts (wife takes out check book) to write you a check for $3000.”


In Him,
Pastor Mark