What If . . .?

Imagine a place where people can find freedom from being identified by a particular political label.  Instead of wondering whether someone is a democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, they are respected and valued simply as being someone who is made in the image of God.  What if we began to see one another as human beings who are fallen and who stand in the need of grace and patience and forgiveness?

Imagine a place where people who may have walked very different paths in life are able to lay aside their differences and instead seek to understand and learn from one another, as they meet together at the Cross of Jesus Christ.  What if we took to heart the words of the apostle Paul and “humbly, thought of others as better than ourselves” (Phil. 2:3)?

Imagine a place filled with people on their faces before God, crying out and interceding on behalf of people suffering from addictions, people blinded by greed and wealth, people needing the healing of Christ having been victims of terrible abuse.  What if there was a safe place where they could flee from the darkness to find hope and truth and grace–to find the very love of God?

I do not believe this kind of place is intended to exist in the imagination alone.  I believe that God desires that such a place would be common in every city and town.  He simply calls this place “The Church”.

And I believe with every fiber of my being that that is exactly what God is building here at NCC.  God is laying the foundation for a gospel-centered ministry that reveals the glory of the risen Christ to a very broken and desperate world.  And we simply desire your commitment to keep NCC lifted in prayer.  Pray for strong, biblical leadership.  Pray for our unity.  Pray for our witness to the surrounding community.  We desperately need your prayers.  And should anyone feel led to give towards this ministry, we greatly appreciate your financial support.

We have no false illusions in terms of the road ahead.  We know there will be great challenges in front of us.  But I am convinced that through your prayers and with God’s Spirit working in and through us, we will see the power and glory of Jesus Christ in this city.

In Him,

Pastor Mark