Pastoral Search Update

July 5, 2020

Neighborhood City Church

Good news on our pastoral search process: a candidate and his wife are coming to La Crosse to meet personally with the Search Team on July 10 – 11. This is an opportunity for him to get to know more about us, as much as it is an opportunity for us to interview him.  Please continue to keep this process in prayer.

Part of the Strategic Plan for remainder of the interim period until our next pastor arrives is to adopt a biblically based conflict resolution covenant. In preparation for this Pastor Wick will preach a series of four sermons called “Keeping the Peace”.  These will be available on YouTube even though we will be on lockdown. If you do not have internet access, the Devotional Guides provided on the church web-site for each sermon contain the core content of each message.

July 5 – Taking the Log Out of Your Own EyeMatthew 5:23 – 24Keeping a clear conscience is necessary to maintaining our faith. A bad conscience means I have committed some wrong that I have not attempted to make right. This sermon examines the biblical instruction on how to be reconciled with others. Decision/Commitment: to gaining and maintaining a clear conscience.

July 12 – On Not Taking Up OffensesProverbs 6:1 – 5This sermon examines the destructiveness of evil reports and the dangers of “triangulation” and explains the biblical instructions on how to detect evil reports and avoid being contaminated by them. Decision/Commitment: to cleanse ourselves from the contamination of evil reports.

July 19- Spiritual Spot Remover – Matthew 18:15 – 18This sermon explains the biblical steps for confronting sin and restoring someone who has caused an offense against the body of Christ.  Decision/Commitment: to follow the instructions when dealing with sin in the church.

July 26 – Guarded Speech, Open HeartPhilippians 4:8 – 9; 2 Corinthians 6:11 – 13The words we use are important. The Bible gives clear instructions about what we should say, and not say.Decision/Commitment: to accept responsibility for the things we say.